How to use presets on your mobile phone

  • First you should download the presets
  • Then you import them into Lightroom on your Mac or PC
  • Log into your mobile version of Lightroom
  • Now you can use all the presets on your smartphone

The Adobe way of doing it

Import Presets into Lightroom / Follow the link for more information.

Who am I?

So as you might already know from my Instagram account, my name is Fabian and I am a photographer and filmmaker from Vienna. Working in the scene for many years, my knowledge in editing and retouching is quite high and so I am happy to present you my presets I worked on really hard.

Why did I found the Daily Preset Shop?

When I was working on some projects and snapping some photos of the set and the people surrounding me I came up with of an easy way to edit my photos as I would edit them on my PC. At that time Lightroom mobile was a really big hype on YouTube and other platforms. So I created some presets for myself on my mobile phone. After some time and many people telling me that they like my editing style, I went on and created an online shop where you can buy all my presets I create for daily use. Welcome to the Daily Preset Shop, also known as DYPRS.

Why this name?

I additionally am the owner of a photography and filmmaking company which is called DYPV, Daily Photography Vienna . That made it quite easy for me, picking a simple name that made sense to me. DYPRS, Daily Preset Shop was born.